• 1. Save Toilet Paper

  • 2. Simple Installation

  • 3. Sanitary

  • 4. Simple To Use

Our simple, yet revolutionary design saves toilet paper by allowing you to retrieve desired length, without free rolling.

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Lessroll can be installed in less than 30 seconds, using either provided 3M tape or screws.

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Keep toilet paper where it belongs, on the roll. Our design helps prevent excess toilet paper from ending up on the floor.

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Unlike ordinary holders, our design allows one hand operation, making Less Roll ideal for senior citizens & children.

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Designed & Manufactured In The USA

Made From Military Grade Plastic

LessRoll Is Guaranteed To Save You Money


As someone who owns multiple airbnbs, lessroll has saved me time and money - amazing product.

Arlette Sarkissians

This product is brilliant and simple.  I save so much paper, no more rolls flying off the dispenser.  It is convenient and easy to install.  I used the adhesive option to attach it to my wall and it holds very firmly.

Raven P

Genius idea! Easy to install! Toilet paper just slides on so it is very easy to change! Excellent sturdy product.

Christopher R.

Love the minimalism of the product. Practically invisible once I put on the roll, less is more!

Sarah N.

Bought one to try it out, we loved it so much we replaced every holder in our house with one. Highly recommended.

Joan U.